SCHOTT Assembly Systems


SCHOTT Assembly Systems, in business since 1990, specializes in adhesive application, gasketing, subassemblies and logistics to support solutions in applications using glass, glass-ceramics, injection-molded polymers, touch-control devices, and specialty materials.

SCHOTT has assembled many of the glass-ceramic cooktops on electrical ranges in the North American Market today. Using advanced adhesive technology from some of the world’s most leading material suppliers, SCHOTT Assembly Systems develops unique fastening techniques for a variety of appliances including range cooktops, ovens, appliance control panels, refrigerators, and many other appliance and automotive subassemblies.

SCHOTT Assembly Systems has retained the ability to be flexible as a small company and yet be progressively proficient through the technical expertise and support of our global parent company SCHOTT.

SCHOTT Assembly Systems maintains speed, cost-effectiveness, and timely support by locating satellite facilities close to our customers’ sites.

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