SCHOTT Assembly Systems


SCHOTT assembly and gasketing solutions are a division of the worldwide operating SCHOTT Group. Our corporate values are:
Technological expertise Market-driven innovation Accountability Entrepreneurship Integrity and reliability
Through the research and development efforts, technical skills and support of our parent company, SCHOTT Baron assembly and gasketing solutions provides innovative glass, glass-ceramic, form and foam in place gaskets, and silicone applications which helps to improve your product.

Goals of our modules and system integration

SCHOTT BARON Robotically Dispensed Gaskets
  • Add innovative design, technology and materials:
    By choosing SCHOTT Assembly Systems as your partner, you have access to technical expertise and specialty materials; key components in achieving your goals.
    Incorporate SCHOTT's advanced adhesive fastening, gasketing, and sealing methods into your designs. Integrate adhesive coatings and films for surface protection. Add automated dispensing for form or foam-in place gasketing. Involve SCHOTT and benefit from customized design solutions for whole modules and systems.

    SCHOTT will customize the technology and process to fit your needs. Achieve superior performance of your products with the support of our technological expertise.


  • Reduce costs:
    Team with SCHOTT Assembly Systems and share the advantages of accurate robotic adhesive and sealant dispensing solutions without the heavy capital investment. Besides not needing to buy the rapidly shifting equipment, enable your company to reduce the manual labor previously required to perform the task in-house. In addition, eliminate the costs associated with purchasing and warehousing materials and their mating component parts.
    By using SCHOTT Assembly Systems’ subassembly expertise, you remove time and cost-consuming efforts connected to the intricacies and complexities of handling multitudes of component suppliers.


  • Reduce PPMs:
    As SCHOTT Assembly Systems assumes responsibility for inspecting components, we supply a subassembly that allows improved quality combined with easier material flow. By choosing SCHOTT Assembly Systems, you achieve superior quality assurance. Assure the constant achievement of high quality standards and continuous improvement, as SCHOTT Assembly Systems filters out and manages the quality problems encountered with multiple component suppliers.


  • Reduce lead times:
    Rather than scheduling multiple individual components, you can now schedule a single subassembly shipped to you on a JIT basis. The solution is SCHOTT Assembly Systems, which has solid experience doing this for major appliance OEMs on a daily basis. Outsource to a partner who will handle the ordering, scheduling, incoming inspection, and warehousing of all components used in your sub-assemblies.


  • Expand capacity without adding on to your facility.
    As you outsource sub-assemblies, you open space within your facility – space for component assembly, inventory of other raw materials, and WIP. This allows you to expand your capacity within the confines of your present facility.
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