NEXTREMA®: Glass-ceramics engineered and designed for extreme conditions

The NEXTREMA® glass-ceramics material platform combines the benefits of technical glasses with properties of high temperature materials. Due to special production process of NEXTREMA® glass-ceramics six different glass-ceramic material options can be obtained. The economical sheet production process enables the production of large sheets in a thickness range of 2 mm – 8 mm. Especially when costs or limitations in plate sizes of high performance materials like fused silica or technical ceramics have been a restricting factor, NEXTREMA® will be a welcome alternative to generate new product ideas and innovations. The material will even have a lasting impression on designers and end consumers. Six attractive glossy design options and color impressions will give technical functionality a new look.

NEXTREMA® as material platform will surely impress you with its versatility and unique combination of properties.
NEXTREMA®: Unique combination of properties at a glance:

The six glass-ceramic types


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