Design Possibilities

With this new technology, the possibilities for surface design become virtually unlimited. Range manufacturers are now able to distinguish their brands very clearly and the cooktop panels can be optimally adapted to respective kitchen surroundings. Moreover, this kind of design makes signs of wear less obvious and will quite naturally raise the user's satisfaction. It is also now possible to take full advantage of the variety of attractive colors available for CERAN® cooktop panels.
Technical innovations related to CERAN® give fresh momentums in the entire cooking appliance industry. As innovation and technology leader, SCHOTT has set standards and trends with black, white, and transparent glass-ceramic cooktop panels since the early 1970's.

With the innovation CERAN CLEARTRANS®, SCHOTT is continuing to live up to its philosophy of "offering a unique product for every brand". At its core, CERAN CLEARTRANS® is a transparent glass ceramic that one can see through. A multitude of design possibilities exist because of the various colors and textures that can be applied to the top surface with various intensities. This makes it possible to create completely different, unique impressions. 

A variety of decorative colors create different looks by printing on the top surface. All in all, elegant and attractive reflective, metallic and 3D effects can be achieved on the surface of a cooktop. This innovation diVers significantly from the look of a conventional cooktop panel. Thanks to the numerous combinations possible and considerable freedom when it comes to selecting designs, a wider variety of unique products can be created.