Heating Systems

Various heating systems

Did you know that glass-ceramic is the only material worldwide that works with all kinds of heating systems – radiant, induction or gas? SCHOTT is committed to the technological development of trendsetting advances for ranges topped with SCHOTT CERAN® glass-ceramic cooktop panels. The right choice strictly depends on cooking habits, personal preferences, and the budget consumers want to spend on their cooktop.
SCHOTT CERAN® with radiant
Radiant electric heat is the most commonly used heating technology when cooking on glass ceramic. Electricity heats a coil beneath the glass surface which radiates heat and ultimately warms the vessel on the cooktop.

The technology is easily recognizable by the red glowing cooking zones. It provides several advantages to the end consumer such as having an easy-to-clean surface along with energy-savings in using electricity.

A substantial difference in temperature between the heated and unheated areas on a SCHOTT CERAN® cooktop has no advers effect on the product. The thermal conductivity and flatness of the cooktop ensures that  the cookware cannot tip over.

The grat advantage of a radiant ooktop lies in the extremely avec heat distribution that is obtained in the cooking zone.