Product Description

SCHOTT CERAN®, manufactured in Mainz, Germany, is made of a special glass-ceramic , a material with fascinating qualities: This glass-ceramic is resistant against abrupt temperature shocks up to 750 °C. SCHOTT has now introduced the new eco-friendly glass-ceramic panel that does not contain the toxic heavy metals arsenic and antimony.

CERAN® cooktop panels are very robust and are, therefore, very long-lasting. There are several laboratory tests that prove their great mechanical strength and the CERAN® cooktop panels can withstand higher impact loads than international standards demand. Because of the low transverse heat conductivity of CERAN® cooktop panels, neighbouring areas of the cooking zone stays relatively cool and the heat is transmitted directly to pots and pans.

Glass-ceramic from SCHOTT was originally developed for mirrors in astronomic telescopes by SCHOTT and has been used in a variety of technical applications over decades.