Clean fire viewing windows – fast and easy

Fireplaces with viewing windows are always popular. But as pleasant and cozy the crackling fireplace in the living room is: the subsequent cleaning of the sooty window is less enjoyable. For this reason SCHOTT developed the Dry Wiper especially for fire viewing windows made from ROBAX® glass-ceramics.
The atmosfire® Dry Wiper cleans without application time, without smearing or scratching and without any need for rising. That is how you are quickly back, relaxing in front of the fire.

The atmosfire® Dry Wiper is distributed in North America by:
  • SBI: (418) 878-3040
  • Fireside Distributors: (919 872-4434)
  • Mr. Fireplace: (800) 661-1156
  • Total Hearth: (800) 874-0791
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Exhibition HPBExpo, Atlanta, USA, 03-02 to 03-04-2017
Exhibition BAU 2017, Munich, Germany, 01-16 to 01-21-2017
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