Flat and shaped ROBAX® panels with decoration are available upon request. The decoration can serve a functional as well as decorative purpose. The colors below are available. Amber gold and satin silver are very transparent colors with a glitter effect, the other colors are opaque.
SCHOTT ROBAX® pure black color
pure black
SCHOTT ROBAX® polar white color
polar white
SCHOTT ROBAX® autumn red color
autumn red
SCHOTT ROBAX® graphite grey color
graphite grey
SCHOTT ROBAX® tin grey color
tin grey
SCHOTT ROBAX® volcano grey color
volcano grey
SCHOTT ROBAX® mystic black color
mystic black
SCHOTT ROBAX® wooden brown color
wooden brown
SCHOTT ROBAX® satin silver color
satin silver
SCHOTT ROBAX® amber gold color
amber gold
On request we can supply a glass-ceramic panel with a personalized logo. For area coverage greater than 70%, the glass requires a thickness of 5 mm.
SCHOTT ROBAX® decoration and logo
The depicted colors are not authoritative. We will be glad to send you an original color sample upon request.
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