DURAN® - first in quality worldwide

SCHOTT North America, Inc. represents DURAN® Brand products in USA and Canada.  DURAN® Brand borosilicate glass products are unsurpassed in quality and performance in laboratory, commercial and industrial applications.

DURAN® laboratory glass bottles now with Retrace Code, click HERE for your Batch Certificate.

Laboratory Glassware

The complete line of lab beakers, bottles, flasks, and graduated cylinders for demanding applications.  Click links below for more information.

DURAN Youtility - The newest ergonomic laboratory bottle system 

More than just a better bottle, it's a complete system.  Discover the way to make laboratory work easier, safer, more economical and fun. 

DURAN PURE - BioPharma Bottles

The Global standard for consistency, reliability and flexability for preparation, storage and packaging applications in pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology.  Featuring individual printed "Retrace Code" on every bottle.


Manipulator Glassware

Offering a full range of compatible, premium quality laboratory glass adapters, connectors, filters, fritts, joints, stopcocks, stoppers, vessels and valves.  Click the links below for more information:

Consumer Glassware

Premium-quality, custom manufacture and design of carafes, jugs, tableware, baby bottles, domes and cylinders for applications in food and beverage.


Specialty Industrial Glass

Extensive line of sealing glasses for specialized applications in chemical industry and electrical engineering, including X-ray bulb glass.