Technical Competencies

We develop your dreams

Developing automobiles really knows no limits! What may have been considered impossible only a few years ago is now reality and it would be difficult to imagine our streets without these developments. Working in the automotive industry means being both a pioneer and a visionary.

This is why we feel it is our job to work with you today towards developing solutions to future challenges.

Very few materials offer so many positive characteristics with such a high degree of design freedom for customer-specific flexible and rigid solutions as glass. Combined with our compact and durable LED light sources to work for you to realize your lighting visions of the future.

Technology that drives you forward

Achieving great results requires a sound foundation. Thanks to our technological expertise and many years of experience in the automotive field, we consider ourselves to be an ideal partner for your projects. Here, you’ll benefit from the advantages of fiber optic light and data cables made of glass:

Mechanical properties

  • High flexibility and small bending radii
  • Suited for direct installation – inside interiors, for instance
  • High resistance against typically occurring aggressive media
  • High temperature stability

Optical characteristics

  • High data transfer rates
  • Homogeneous and even distribution of light across a distance of several meters
  • No visible changes in color over distances of several meters

Benefits for an application

  • Great freedom of design, due to their high degree of flexibility
  • Lower costs, because light guide cables are manufactured without expensive tools