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Shedding new light on function 

Rigid and flexible fiber optic light guides are ideally suited for defining the illumination of select areas inside an interior. Their directed light creates homogeneous illumination without glare for storage and glove compartments, for example.
For a clear line

The line shaped lighting of contours not only enhances the appearance, it also contributes towards better orientation inside the vehicle. The flexible SideLight developed by Schott emits the light that is fed into it along the side to draw a fine and homogeneous line of light.
Light meets surface

Indirect illumination of flat surfaces underscores the quality of the materials used. Linear fiber optic light guides that focus light in a specific direction highlight textures and instill a feeling of comfort.
Let there be light 

Schott offers LED-based light sources that perfectly suit the light guides and the application. They combine the advantages of modern LED technology with those of fiber optics.
Datasheet SCHOTT® Automotive SideLight