Defense Applications

SCHOTT’s Lighting and Imaging business manufactures and assembles fiber optic and electronic products to enable the defense industry to develop custom-built solutions for new types of military and security applications.

Some examples of our areas of expertise include optics
for night vision systems, controlled illumination glass for avionics and other display packages, and camera systems.

Our wide product portfolio covers a variety of applications including I2 components and microdisplay components for Night Vision, and imaging (aiming / observation) and direct sensing components for Situational Awareness.
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition AIX, Hamburg, Germany, 04-10 to 04-12-2018
Exhibition Optatec, Frankfurt, Germany, 05-15 to 05-17-2018
Exhibition electronica, Munich, Germany, 11-13 to 11-16-2018
Lighting and Imaging
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