180° Viewing Angle Tank Periscope

With this periscope, SCHOTT is attempting to expand the field of vision from inside protected vehicles and tanks quite significantly compared to what conventional systems are capable of providing. This has actually been achieved by increasing the normal field of view of 28 degrees by 8 degrees by more than 20 times. To achieve this effect, three lenses are put to use in such a way that they deliver a panorama view of 180 degrees by 36 degrees when their images are aligned adjacent to one another.

Depending on the purpose of the mission, the entire image can be portrayed on either a round ocular or a rectangular optical disc. The images are transmitted with the help of fiber optic rods, a mature technology that SCHOTT has been supplying for use in a wide range of medical and industrial applications for many years already. The new periscope has exactly the same dimensions as conventional systems and can therefore be installed in existing vehicles quite easily.

Tank Periscope Datasheet