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LED Light Sources

SCHOTT® LLS 3. This LED based light source is a hybrid solution pairing LED technology with fiber optic light guides. It utilizes a new high brightness, cool white LED light engine for considerably higher output than previous models achieving 150W DDL Halogen lamp levels in the same compact footprint. This unit boasts several important functions for machine vision applications, including Internal light feedback, longer life, lower energy consumption, higher performance and nearly 2 x more intensity than previous models.

The SCHOTT LLS 3 fits all SCHOTT COLDVision light guides, optimal performance is achieved when using the light source with larger bundle diameters, 9-14 mm.


Specifically developed for the Asian Machine Vision market, the LLS2 accommodates smaller bundles sizes.
Designed for manual inspection applications - This SCHOTT MLS offers several advantages over other types of fiber optic light sources used in microscopy & static machine vision applications.