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Ambient Illumination

No doubt, lighting enhances the patient’s well-being. It also increases staff performance and the appearance of the whole medical institution. Designers and manufacturers of hospital equipment are therefore striving to provide unique lighting solutions.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging developed the lighting solution SCHOTT® IllumaMed. It comprises functional, decorative and mood lighting and allows the staff to light surgery rooms, post-op and waiting rooms in a totally new way.

Modern lighting concepts:

  • reading lights for dialysis stations
  • lighting strategies for so-called snoozle rooms in teaching facilities that children can calm down and relax in
  • flexible contour lighting of tables, swivel arms, lights and supplies

Technical benefits:

  • nonferrous lighting, which is electromagnetically compatible and therefore functions even inside a magnetic resonance tomography system
  • homogeneous and evenly distributed light output intensity at application lengths up to five meters
  • homogeneous colors
  • low maintenance costs
  • long lifetime

SCHOTT® IllumaMed contour illumination for radiation shielded glass.

SCHOTT® IllumaMed sidelight for signaling the operating status.

SCHOTT® IllumaMed reading lights for dialyse chairs.
Datasheet SCHOTT IllumaMed LS Basic Datasheet IllumaLS Datasheet IllumaLine