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The main applications for our dentistry related products are photo-polymerization of dental filling materials and lighting of handpieces.

Modern dental instruments generally have a light source to illuminate the treatment area. A light guide is built into the handpiece instrument for this purpose. For these applications SCHOTT supplies precisely shaped fiber rods that exactly fit into the restricted space inside the handpiece.

Additionally, flexible light guides can be used in dental instruments. For this purpose SCHOTT has developed a type of fiber that also withstands the extreme conditions encountered in autoclaves.

Dental cavities are increasingly being filled with composites that can be cured by light. For this application we supply customer-specific shaped fiber rods or fiber tapers with a high transmission.

For dental x-ray applications SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging produces fiber optic plates that are an integral part of this technology. A small rectangular faceplate is used to couple the x-ray image formed on a radioluminescent screen in contact with the input surface of the fiber optic to the CCD. This is encapsulated in a plastic housing small enough to fit in the mouth an image one or two teeth. The image is instantly available on a display and permanent print can be made in a few seconds. Alternative units using faceplates and tapers are being made for external panoramic imaging of the entire jaw or skull.