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Digital X-Ray

The main areas where fiber optic tapers and faceplates have found widespread use is in medical and dental imaging applications. In most medical radiography applications, a scintillating coating (e.g. cesium iodide, CSI) is deposited on the large end of the taper and converts an x-ray image to visible light. The light is then transferred and reduced through the taper and coupled to a digital chip for image processing.

Extra Large Format Fiber Optic Faceplates

SCHOTT offers highly sophisticated, high resolution XL fiber optic faceplates for the digital x-ray market as well as displays for commercial applications.

We offer both x-ray absorption for sensor protection and lower solarization properties over other traditional fiber optic glasses. Typical shapes are round or rectangular and vary in size up to 430 x 430 mm and larger available by request.

SCHOTT can draw from its present glass catalog, consisting of many numerical apertures to offer these customized solutions.

These more extensive faceplates can be used in applications such as mammography.