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SCHOTT offers a variety of components, which play an important role in endoscopic applications. Their main purpose are transmission of light into the human body as well as transfer of an image out of the human body.

  • Flexible Optical Fibers
    In flexible and rigid endoscopes light conducting fibers are used to transmit light to the working area at the tip of the device. SCHOTT's portfolio of flexible illumination fibers covers different acceptance angles from 80° to 120° to illuminate different fields of view. Excellent transmission in combination with very good autoclavability ensures performance over lifetime. The fibers are available in precisely sized bundle diameters with different lubricants and fiber diameters to allow reproducible installation with the device maintaining very small bending radii.

  • Endoscopy Cones
    Because of restricted space, relatively small bundles of lighting fibers in rigid or flexible endoscopes must be used. To adapt the larger optical cross-section of an illumination light guide to a small fiber bundle cross-section, endoscope manufacturers often use a rigid fiber cone as an optical coupling device on the endoscope's light input. In comparison with a lens system, a fiber cone can be kept to very compact dimensions providing better light input. SCHOTT's fiber cones meet the strict requirements for high transmission even after several thousand autoclave and disinfection cycles.

  • Illumination Light Guides - Medical Cables
    For the connection of the endoscopy light source with any endoscope an illumination light guide or medical cable is being used. Equipped with SCHOTT's A2 fiber the light guide features excellent transmission and color rendering. Long life-time is being ensured by using autoclavable materials. To particularly withstand high temperatures of Xenon light sources SCHOTT's hot-fusing technologies are applied to the input ends.

  • Image Bundles
    In addition to illumination flexible endoscopes require image transfer via a flexible optical path. SCHOTT's flexible image bundles combine high flexibility with high resolution.
    • Leached Technology
      SCHOTT‘s leached image bundles are utilized in a variety of fiber optic endoscopes found in today's medical, veterinary and industrial markets. Today's sophisticated ear, nose, throat and urological procedures utilize high resolution flexible image bundles for image transfer. Our image bundles are available from very small up to large diameters.
    • Wound Technology
      In addition to our leached image products, SCHOTT also manufactures wound flexible image components. This alternative fiber ribbon stacking method produces larger rectangular image formats. Custom applications include vision systems found within the MRI.

Hybrid assemblies
Sophisticated hybrid assemblies combining flexible lighting and imaging bundles enhance SCHOTT's traditional capabilities. These next generation diagnostic and therapeutic devices will be used to detect and treat diseased tissue within the human body.