Shaped Fiber Rods

High transmission and high numerical aperture in combination with excellent forming properties enable SCHOTT’s shaped fiber rods to be the first choice in dental handpiece illumination.

Consisting of a plurality of core/clad systems fused together to multi core component, the Multi Core Rod type MCR-3 features excellent forming properties. Heating the raw rod up to the softening temperature makes it possible to shape complex 2D and 3D geometries according to customer specifications.
Now available in PURAVIS glass
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition IDS 2017, Cologne, Germany, 03-21 to 03-25-2017
Exhibition Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg, Germany, 04-04 to 04-06-2017
Exhibition 2017 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing Expo, Anaheim, CA, USA, 04-11 to 04-13-2017
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