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EasyLED Ringlight Plus - Controllable in segments

EasyLED Ringlight Plus

Using the most current technologies, the EasyLED product line integrated high brightness LEDs with controller electronics into the head of the illuminator.

The EasyLED Ringlight Plus lighthead is controllable in segments, which enables new contrasting methods. The integrated "jog dial" wheel allows an easy and intuitive switching between the different illumination modes as well as rotation of the segments to both directions.


  • 48 high brightness LEDs
  • color temperature 5,600 K
  • easy adaption on various microscope objectives
    (ø 66 mm / adaptors available)
  • integrated controller for continuous dimming
    (0 - 100 %) and separate on/off switch
  • basic segment features and segment rotation
  • integrated "jog dial" wheel for easy and intuitive operation
  • wide range of working distances: 50 - 130 mm
  • maximum illuminance: 140 klx (at 65 mm WD)
Brochure Datasheet System Diagram