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Illumination for Stereo Microscopy

EasyLED Transmitted Light Stage - Uniform backlight illumination

EasyLED Transmitted Light Stage

Using the most current technologies, the EasyLED product line integrated high brightness LEDs with controller electronics into the head of the illuminator.

This integration combines easy, ergonomic operation with outstanding price performance ratio.

Due to neutral white LEDs (5600K), images of excellent color fidelity can be achieved.

Robust metal housings and well designed heat sinks make maximum brightness and long lifetime of 50,000 hours possible.


  • highly uniform backlight illumination
  • fits to all common stereo microscope stands
    (ø 84/90/100/120/180 mm)
  • integrated controller for contiuous dimming
    (0 - 100 %) and separate on/off switch
  • illuminated area: ø 50 mm
  • maximum light density up to 12,000 cd/m2
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