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Illumination for Stereo Microscopy

KL 1600 LED – LED light source for fiber optics

KL 1600 LED
The KL 1600 LED uses cold light to illuminate all types of objects in industrial and life science applications. Its multiple LED light engine provides an attractive alternative to conventional halogen cold light sources. Compared to its forerunner model, the brightness of the KL 1600 LED is improved by 70 percent. An extremely silent fan assures optimized heat management.

• significantly higher light intensities can be focused to a very small field of view
• compact housing with small footprint 
• brightness is equivalent to a 150-watt halogen cold light source 
• extremely long lifetime of at least 50,000 hours
• 80% lower energy consumption
• reduction of costs of ownership as well as of downtime costs
• all kinds of light guides of the KL 1500 series can be connected to the KL 1600 LED
KL 1600 LED   KL 1600 LED
All advantages of LED light sources are combined with the main advantages of fiber optics – for an outstanding price performance ratio: ripple free DC illumination, white light (daylight), no visible color temperature shift on dimming, high flexibility of light and illumination techniques.
System Diagram