Illumination for Stereo Microscopy

VisiLED Series - brings contrast into stereo microscopy

The VisiLED series is an innovative illumination system using white LEDs. Specially developed for the fields of stereo microscopy and macroscopy, this system opens up completely new possibilities for putting your specimen in the right light. The excellent electronic controllability of the LEDs affords contrasting methods which go far beyond the possibilities provided by conventional microscope illuminations. Cold light is brought precisely to the specimen - as you would expect from SCHOTT heat-free and with the best quality white!

Structured illumination for brightfield and darkfield. The modular system offers four ringlights for different applications: two ringlights for intensive incident illumination and a ringlight for lower brightness requirements. An additional ringlight for real incident darkfield ensures optimum illumination of flat-structured specimens. The LED stage provides homogenous and suitable light for your application in transmitted light.

Unique Selling Points:
Small groups of LEDs can be controlled separately by a controller unit or PC define complex geometric lighting scenarios

  • mix brightfield, darkfield, incident and back lighting, light coming from different directions
  • scenario can be saved for documentation and recall
  • easy switching between complex lighting scenarios
  • extremely high brightness due to 80 LEDs