ACE® Light Source

The ACE® is a compact, rugged, AC halogen light source with solid state dimmer for variable light intensity and maximizing lamp life.

ACE® Lightsource Models
  • Full illumination on .60” active diameter input ColdVision light guides
  • Solid state dimmer for continuous control zero to full intensity
  • Interchangeable Modulamp Units offer 2 positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies
  • Choice of three, 150 watt halogen lamps - EKE, EJA, and DDL for intense, uniform illumination. These three different bulbs offer light intensity and color temperature options to maximize productivity and accuracy.
  • Infinite setting, twelve blade iris diaphragm version available to reduce intensity while maintaining color temperature.
    CSA approved to UL spec, CE compliant to low voltage and EMC directives
  • 115V or 230V input voltage versions available
  • IR interference filter for cool illumination
  • Built-in thermal shut down
  • Quiet fan cooling
  • Low housing temperature
  • Detachable IEC cord
  • Heavy duty, grounded metal housing
  • Private labeling available.
News, Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition Aircraft Interiors Expo, Hamburg, Germany, 04-04 to 04-06-2017
Exhibition IDS 2017, Cologne, Germany, 03-21 to 03-25-2017