Halogen Lamps and Modulamps

SCHOTT's  Halogen Lamps and Modulamp Assemblies can be used with all SCHOTT ACE® Series and DCR® Series light sources
Lamp Features
  • 150 watt tungsten halogen bulbs: EJA, EKE and DDL types available
  • The correct lamp for your light source is specified on the label located on the front of the Modulamp Unit

Modulamp Assembly Features
  • Assures maximum light delivery to fiber optic components
  • Use with all ACE® Series and DCR® Series light sources
  • Full illumination on .60” (15 mm) active diameter input
  • Interchangeable Modulamp Units offer 2 lamp positions to maximize individual lamp efficiencies
  • Choice of three, 150 watt halogen lamps - EJA, EKE, DDL
  • IR interference filter for cool illumination
  • If the intensity control knob is turned to the R (Remote) position, lamp intensity control is switched to the rear 9-pin connector. Front panel intensity control will always override the remote intensity control.
  • Iris version also available (made-to-order)
Modulamp Assembly - Standard without Lamp
Modulamp Assembly - in Diaphragm without Lamp
Lamp Socket
EJA, EKE and DDL 150 Watt Halogen Lamps
150 Watt Halogen Lamps
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