Ringlight Accessories

SCHOTT offers the following Ringlight Accessories.

Ringlight Reflector Rings

  • For use with Universal and 66mm Ringlights
  • Reflector ring illuminates scratches on reflective surfaces.
  • The A08616 reflector ring fits the Universal and 66 mm series ringlights
  • Two separate parts are included, the black anodized retaining ring and the mirror polished reflector ring, the reflector ring drops inside the retaining ring which snap-fits onto the ringlight
Reflector Ring, A08616

Ringlight Anti-Slip Clamp 

Anti-Slip Ringlight Clamps, A08614 (set of 3)
  • Use to fix ringlight position
  • Clamp(s) for A08611 clamp ring, A08600 and A22000 ringlights and A08614. Set of 3 clamps 1.8 / 2.4” (47/62
A08614 - Clamps with Anti-slip pads

Ringlight Polarizers & Analyzers

The polarizing effect enhances contrast on highly reflective surfaces for Microscopy and Machine Vision Applications.
  • Polarizer/analyzer combinations reduce reflection and glare
  • The A08615 and A08632 polarizers were designed to easily snapfit onto the ringlight, the analyzer is dropped through the top of the ringlight and positioned on top of the polarizer
  • To prevent the polarizer/analyzer from moving due to vibration, a knurled thumb-screw locks the polarizer assembly into position which also makes the holder easier to adjust
  • To further prevent vibration, a set-screw stops the polarizer disk from turning within the assembly, features are found on polarizer / analyzer model numbers A08615 and A08627
Polarizers and Analyzers

Ringlight to Micoscope Adapters 

Adapters are machined to order. Pricing and availability subject to market conditions.
Drawings are available.
Ringlight Adapters