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SCHOTT North America offers a veriety of Fused Fiber Optic Tapers for Applications in Medical, Industrial and Defense.

Fused Fiber Optic Imaging Tapers   Fiber Optic Tapers for Endoscopes
Fiber Optic Tapers for Endoscopes

One of the smalest fiber optic tapers SCHOTT produces are fiber optic taper cones used for rigid endoscopes.

Typical features:
  • Mechanically stable glass system (NA ~ 0.60)
  • Stainless steel ferrules (from light guide into scope bundle)
  • Autoclavable adhesive.
  • Sealed adhesion (no gaps or bubbles)
  • Most autoclave resistance
  • Improves energy coupling (from light guide into scope bundle)
  • Increases NA (improved for wide angle fiber)

Type FSK:
Type FSK light-conducting cones are fiber rods drawn out into a cone shape. This tapering effect causes the angles of acceptance at the input and output faces to be different (see graphic). Like fiber rods, fiber cones are used in dentistry for increasing light curing intensity, and in endoscopy for connecting light guides and/or components of different diameters.

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Fused Fiber Optic Taper
Fused Fiber Optic Tapers
To download the taper brochure (pdf format) please click here below:
Round to Round

Square to Square

Round to Rectangular

SCHOTT's fiber optic tapers provide a method of magnifying or reducing an image in image transfer applications with minimum distortion. All tapers are fabricated to customer-specific requirements and can be machined into configurations from round to round, square to square, round to square or rectangular; sizes range up to 120 mm in diameter with larger sizes currently under development. Typical magnification ratios range up to 3:1, with other magnification ratios available upon request. SCHOTT's taper material provides for a numerical aperture of 1.0 on the small end. Common fiber sizes range from 6 µm to 25 µm at the large end, and are typically in the 3 µm to 6 µm range on the small end. In general, SCHOTT's glass types are designed for use in the visible or near IR spectrum.
In general, SCHOTT's glass types are designed for use in the visible or near IR spectrum.
Typical Applications
Typical Applications:

Image Minification, Magnification CCD Coupling Image Intensifier Coupling Medical & Dental Radiography Video Imaging Fluoroscopy Advanced Imaging Applications

- SCHOTT 24 glass (std.) with or without EMA. Compatible with phosphors.

Fiber Size
- 6 µm, 10 µm, 18 µm, 25 µm fiber standard at the large end.

Material Quality
- Per FP-87 latest revision available on request

- Standard ranges up to 4:1

- Please ask us on our "Package Solutions" Bonding to CCD/CMOS sensors!

SCHOTT's on-going Technology Advancement Program will insure further improvements in the overall quality of its fiber optic material.

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 registered