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Fiber Optic and LED Lighting

Our products serve both functional and ambient lighting. Functional lighting, the illumination of compartments, monuments and seats, helps travelers to orient themselves in the train. Whereas ambient lighting primarily creates a desired mood and ensures comfort.

Moreover, our hybrid systems resist vandalism attempts, vibrations, dirt, moisture and heat. They are incredibly reliable because glass fibers do not transmit electricity.

  • easy maintenance due to the central LED light source
  • less installation space needed at light output
  • easy integration
  • long-term duration of the robust fiber optic
  • light outlet design easy to retrofit, fiber optic cables stay untouched
Fiber Optic Products
SCHOTT® HelioLine
SCHOTT HelioStar
SCHOTT® HelioStar
SCHOTT HelioFlex
SCHOTT® HelioFlex
SCHOTT HelioSpot
SCHOTT® HelioSpot
LED Products
SCHOTT HelioBasic
SCHOTT® HelioBasic
SCHOTT HelioPower
SCHOTT® HelioPower
SCHOTT AuraPlane
SCHOTT® AuraPlane
SCHOTT® HelioJet