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We have chosen “Design and Simplicity” as our motto. It is also our promise for all our lighting solutions. We want our customers to benefit from creative design solutions which are also economically highly efficient.

For Rail customers, SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a wide variety of innovative lighting solutions like LED panels or systems. The so called hybrid systems consist of fiber optic components and LED light sources. Only a few companies in the world combine fiber optic and LED. For many years we have gained practical experience in this field.

Lighting on thin aisle walls faces various challenges, such as very limited space, restrictions to wiring, heat dissipation, and humid environment. One option to overcome these challenges is to use hybrid systems. The fiber optic light guides transport light only, no heat or electricity. Therefore, they can be installed everywhere in the aisle. The electronic part of the system, the LED light source, can be installed where sufficient space is available. Naturally, an individual design of the light spot and an invisible design of the light outlet are possible.

Modern Reading Lights add to our broad product range. At the beginning of the 1990's SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging pioneered the market for seat-mounted solutions. It was the first company in the world to develop an in-seat Reading Light.
Fiber Optic and LED Lighting   Reading Lights
Fiber Optic and LED Lighting   Reading Lights