Controlling processes generating excessive heat in an industrial environment can be a challenging task. Just take the example of a melting furnace. Due to the extreme heat conventional temperature measuring methods can´t be used. With the help of a flexible light guide the light emitted by the melt is transferred to a pyrometer in a remote area at room temperature where it is analysed.

We at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging are specialised in flexible light guides for pyrometers made of multi-component optical fibers to spot and measure temperatures for infrared scan and for thermal imaging.
Such pyrometers are also used in aircraft turbines to measure the temperature of individual turbine blades, thus avoiding any material damage through overheating.
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Our hot-fusing processes allow to expose the end surface of the light lines to temperatures up to 350°C and allow a reliable light transmission even in harsh environments such as high pressure, vibrations and accelerations.