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Light conducting rods

In addition to our range of flexible fiber optic components SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a range of rigid fiber optic light conducting rods - solid fiber optic elements which can be used to transmit light over short distances whenever flexible light guides are not required. Their advantages over flexible light guides are:

  • High transmission because there are no packing losses
  • Excellent temperature resistance because epoxied ferrules and sheathing are not required
  • Fiber cones or conical light guides can be manufactured for reducing or increasing the effective optical cross-section and aperture angle
  • Vacuum or pressure seals are available

SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers light conducting rods in various diameters and for different spectral ranges. Fiber cones and specially shaped fiber rods are also available. Economic production is possible thanks to the use of modern techniques for bending and polishing rods and attaching ferrules.
Datasheet Image Conduit Datasheet Clad Rod