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Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2016
70 Filters for producing a 3-d map of the universe
Special optical filters in the Javalambre Telescopes enable us to learn more about distant galaxies.

Enlightening the darkness of the cosmos
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope finds dark energy with the help of optical mirrors made of BOROFLOAT® borosilicate glass.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2014
Sights Set on the Sun
A ZERODUR® mirror substrate 4.26 meters in diameter makes the DKIST solar telescope on Hawaii the largest of its kind.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2010
GREGOR the Great
A Zerodur® mirror substrate in the new solar telescope on Tenerife allows for precise observations.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2009
An X-ray View of the Universe
SCHOTT supplied Duran® glass tubes for the mirror components in the x-ray telescope Astro-H.
”Sunrise” over Arctic Ice
A primary mirror made of Zerodur® glass-ceramic from SCHOTT is at the heart of the solar telescope.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2009
Bright Spots with LAMOST
The world’s largest Schmidt Telescope in China explores outer space with a Zerodur® mirror substrate.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2008
Outsmarting Mother Nature
Astronomy celebrates an anniversary: 40 years of Zerodur® glass ceramic.

“Astronomy enriches our everyday life”
Interview with Tim de Zeeuw, General Director of the European Southern Observatory (ESO).


Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2008
Hunters of the Galaxies
On La Palma, the world’s largest telescope focuses on the undiscovered universe.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2007
SOFIA project
Observatory Inside a Jumbo Jet

China Gazes into Space

Solar telescope
Watchful Eye on the Sun

Constructive Cooperation

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