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SCHOTT Narima®

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2014
The glittering department store
The new façade of the luxury department store Printemps in Paris received 12,000 SCHOTT NARIMA® glass panels in gold-blue.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2013

Colorful glass in a Diverse Community
NARIMA® eco color effects glass sets visual accents in the tower façades of the civic center in Calgary and even offers protection from the sun.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2011
Play of Colors with Glass
The new concert and congress centre in Reykjavik fascinates observers with its unique glass façade.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2010
Living Better – A City in Balance
The visionary theme of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai ”Better City, Better Life” becomes reality at the German Pavilion.

A New Face
SCHOTT put its own products to use in modernizing its corporate headquarters.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2009
Exclusive Glitter World
Light diodes and color effect glasses illuminate the Casino Monte Laa in Vienna.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2007
Glass Opens Up New Horizons for Design

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