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Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2014
Atrium with Atmosphere
Fire-resistant glazing with PYRAN® S makes for a pleasant stay at the renovated Bildungsforum Potsdam.
Beiträge aus SCHOTT solutions 2/2013
For the first time ever, glass laminates were successfully tested against simultaneous multiple stresses from fire and bombardment.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2012
Glass Protects Textile World of Experiences
The issue of ”fire protection in a monument” was resolved in the Textile Museum in Augsburg.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2011
Certifiably Envionmentally Friendly
SCHOTT was awarded the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) certificate in silver in the U.S. for Pyran® Platinum.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2009
Glass Bodyguard for Sparky’s Heroes
The new glass-ceramic Pyran® Platinum sets accents in North America’s fire protection market.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2008
Glass Cone and Roof of Clouds
The »BMW Welt« in Munich is both engineering ingenuity and cult in one.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2007
Special Glass for a Monument
Glass Sets the Stage for Sorrow

Glass Opens Up New Horizons for Design

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