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SCHOTT solutions 2/2010

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SCHOTT solutions 2/2010
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Safely Packaged
SCHOTT already offers innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical packaging for tomorrow's medicines today
Great Location for Solar Valley
The state of New Mexico believes in solar power. SCHOTT Solar plays a key role here.
Pioneering Glass Research
This year's Otto Schott Research Award went to Prof. Tanguy Rouxel from France.
Good Prospects
SCHOTT is seizing the chances that Russia's growing home appliance and pharmaceutical industries offer.
At Eye Level with Asia
Customer Technical Service Centers drive customer-specific product developments.
Compact Optical Solutions
Arrays featuring hundreds of microlenses can be manufactured using a precision molding process.
Spotlight on Quality
When used in machine vision, SCHOTT's own LED lighting systems bring an extra measure of know-how.
Concentrated Expertise in Ceramics
SCHOTT is the only vendor in Europe that offers all of the technologies for electronic housings.
Induction Goes Mainstream
Innovative cooking technology is becoming ever more popular in Europe and Asia.
Crystal Clear Brilliance
A Swarovski boutique in New York relies on an innovative LED lighting system for its display cases.

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