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SCHOTT activities in Spain

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2016
70 Filters for producing a 3-d map of the universe
Special optical filters in the Javalambre Telescopes enable us to learn more about distant galaxies.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2014
Transparency and reflection
SCHOTT® SeeClear uses reflective and yet transparent glass surfaces to make home and electric appliances more attractive.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2011
Tradition with a Future
A hotel in Pamplona realized a futuristic solar design while it was being renovated.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2009
Solar Architecture for a Public Space
Barcelona’s solar pergolas on the coast are of benefit to both the environment and society.

Articles from SCHOTT solutions 2/2008
Power Plants of a New Dimension
Europe’s first commercial parabolic trough power plant, AndaSol 1, went into operation.

Solar Receivers from Spain
SCHOTT  invests 40 million euros in a new plant for promising solar technology.

Transparent Anonymity
A skin made from glass tubing gives a bank in Bilbau, Spain, reputable elegance.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2008
Hunters of the Galaxies
On La Palma, the world’s largest telescope focuses on the undiscovered universe.

Magical Success
With its »Vitro Magic« product line, jata serves Spanish grilling enjoyment on glass ceramic.
Articles from SCHOTT solutions 1/2007
Special Glass for a Monument
Glass Sets the Stage for Sorrow

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