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Edition 1/2014
The top storie

Driving Innovation
The Otto Schott Research Center has served as one of the world’s leading glass research institutions. The SCHOTT Group’s ”think tank” creates the future already today by developing innovative technologies and materials on the basis of specialty glass and glass-ceramics. more

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Edition 2/2013
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Extremely strong
The material ZERODUR® glass-ceramic demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties. This is proven in a new mathematical calculation model. more

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Edition 1/2013
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Quality for India
By manufacturing high-quality pharmaceutical packaging in India, SCHOTT is supporting the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the fast-growing local healthcare system. more

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Edition 2/2012
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Glass on the Roll
The thinnest glass in the world from schott is manufactured using a continuous process and then wound onto rolls. This flexible material thus opens up a world of interesting applications. more

Research and Development
Nanostructures on glass result in innovative products more

Concentrated Solar Power
SCHOTT Solar manufactures its one millionth receiver more

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Edition 1/2012
The top stories

Enlightening Ideas
The ultrapure glass optical fiber PURAVIS™ opens up new horizons in the area of lighting. More

SCHOTT pharma sercives
Expert partner of the pharmaceutical industry More

New chances for a versatile material More

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Edition 2/2011
The top stories

Sustainable for the Future
SCHOTT, with its CERAN® cooktop panels, is a pioneer in the area of ”green” glass-ceramics and supports the trend towards higher environmental awareness in the kitchen. More

Pharmaceutical Packaging
SCHOTT produces ampoules and vials close to its customers in Russia. More

The glass façade of the concert hall in Reykjavík communicates with its surroundings. More

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schott solutions issues 2011

Edition 1/2011
The top stories

Light Design Paves the Way
SCHOTT is a source of inspiration on intelligent interior lighting for rail traffic thanks toits innovative solutions and scenarios. More

Technology Management
Recognized as a Successful Practice Company 2011. More

Cover & Touch
New area of expertise offers special glasses for four touch technologies. More

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schott solutions issues 2010

Edition 2/2010
The top stories

Precision in Packaging
SCHOTT already offers innovative and high-quality pharmaceutical packaging for tomorrow’s medicines today. More

Renewable energy
A new solar valley is forming in the Western United States.

New insights on the mechanical properties of glasses. More

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Edition 1/2010
The top stories

Living Better – A City in Balance
The visionary theme of EXPO 2010 in Shanghai ”Better City, Better Life” becomes reality at the German Pavilion. More

CERAN® cooktop Panels
SCHOTT wins the German Innovation Award for an eco-friendly product More

Pharmaceutical packaging
New production line for syringes strengthens position in the U.S. More

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Edition 2/2009
The top stories

Getting greener
SCHOTT is strengthening its ecological commitment with environmentally friendly products and technologies. More

Energy for europe
SCHOTT Solar takes part in the Desertec project More

Pharmaceutical packaging
”TopLine” vials for innovative antibiotics More

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Edition 1/2009
The top stories

All Sights Set on the Sun
SCHOTT Solar opens the world’s first combined solar manufacturing facility for receivers and photovoltaic modules in the U.S. More

125 Years of SCHOTT
Technological expertise and innovative power create a global group. More

Museum of Islamic Art
200 tons of anti-reflective display case glass for pure art enjoyment. More

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Edition 2/2008
The top stories

Good for the Environment
SCHOTT produces eco-friendly glass ceramic cooktop panels. more

Securing sustainability with a global network more

Pharmaceutical packaging
Customer demands become reality with ”TopLine” more

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Edition 1/2008
The top stories

Extremely Thin, yet Highly Effective
Coated Pharmaceutical Packaging Protects Premium Quality Drugs. more

Solar Energie
WACKER SCHOTT Solar secures precious supply of silicon more

Hunting for stars with the world's largest telescope more

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Edition 2/2007
The top stories

Deep Look into Outer Space
Astrophysicists study the sun and the stars with mirror substrates for telescopes made from Zerodur® glass ceramic. more

Material science
Award Honors Outstanding Research Achievements. more

Houses with a Positive Energy Balance. more

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Edition 1/2007
The top stories

Glass Sets the Stage for Sorrow
A monument in remembrance of the victims of the terrorist attacks that took place on March 11, 2004, was inaugurated in Madrid during an act of state. The transparent glass cylinder consists of 15,600 glass blocks and flat glasses from SCHOTT. more

A Material Generates Voltage and Movement
For the first time, piezo glass ceramics have reached the product development stage. more

Glass Opens up New Horizons for Design
Innovative products provide impulses for tomorrow’s architecture. more

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Edition 1/2006
The top stories

The Power Plants of the Future
Solar thermal power plants would require only one percent of the world’s desert surface to satisfy our planet’s entire demand for electricity. more

Glass Tubing Improves the Lives of Monitors
The rapidly growing flat display market is wide open for high UV-blocked backlights. more

Through the Fire to Reach for the Stars
The forming of a 4-meter telescope mirror made of the glass ceramic ZERODUR®? more

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