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Natural Power? –
Yes, Please!

The fireplace viewing panel manu­facturer SCHOTT has issued an appeal to deal more responsibly with wood as a valuable source of energy.

Thilo Horvatitsch

Europe has been practicing sustainable forestry and planting as many trees as are cut down since 1773. In fact, this target has even been exceeded in recent years, which means that the forestry industry is making an important contribution to climate protection. In a natural cycle, wood not only ensures a secure supply of energy, but also lowers our dependence on other fuel sources. And, as a domestic source of energy, it also requires only short transportation routes. “Wood is a valuable natural commodity that always grows back if it is treated responsibly. This is the main message of our natural power campaign,” explains Ruban Harikantha, Director of Marketing and Sales for SCHOTT ROBAX®.
The “Natural power? – Yes, please!” initiative is mainly directed at the entire fireplace industry, but also consumers. After all, fireplaces that feature a ROBAX® viewing panel save up to 50 per cent of the renewable energy source wood, yet still ­deliver the same heat output. Furthermore, wood not only burns more efficiently behind these panels, but is also CO₂ neutral and nearly free of fine dust. Background information and communications materials are available under “Participation could hardly be any easier. In addition, anyone who decides in favor of a fireplace with a viewing panel not only makes a direct personal contribution to environmental protection, but also sees to it that they feel more safe and comfortable at home,” Harikantha adds. <|
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