Application and technical support

The NEXTERION® microarray slides and reagents are typically used in “open platform” microarray systems, where users have a wide range of choices of hardware, software and protocols. To help ensure that customers get the best performance from the NEXTERION® microarray products SCHOTT has established technical support teams in Europe and North America to provide worldwide customer assistance.


SCHOTT has a fully equipped molecular biology and protein biochemistry laboratory at the main production site in Jena, Germany. The laboratories are equipped for printing, hybridizing, and scanning microarrays in a number of formats. These facilities are invaluable for troubleshooting technical issues, and replicating customer slide processing conditions to solve microarray application problems.

Technical assistance

The experts at SCHOTT can offer support and advice in many aspects of the microarray process including:
  • Selection of the most appropriate coating for particular applications
  • Selection of optimum printing conditions
  • Print buffer selection
  • Selection of hybridization reagents and conditions
  • Optimized process parameters for automated hybridization stations
  • Trouble shooting slide processing issues
The technical support team may be contacted via e-mail, or by telephone for a rapid response. For more in-depth trouble shooting telephone based conferences, or on-site visits could be arranged. The field based technical support personnel have a direct link to the applications and product development group in Germany to ensure a rapid resolution of technical problems.

Technical documentation

Technical support documentation from SCHOTT Microarray Solutions is available in printed form, on request via the customer service department here at our webpage where you can access:

For rapid technical assistance please contact our technical support at:
Applied Microarrays, Inc.
7700 South River Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone:+1 480-244-9395
Fax:+1 480-775-6184
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