About SCHOTT Microarray Solutions

SCHOTT in Jena
In 2002, SCHOTT established a new unit called Microarray Solutions to produce a range of microarray products under the brand name NEXTERION® in order to meet the needs of the growing biochip market. This product group created a unique competence center for microarray applications in Jena, Germany, fusing SCHOTT’s experience in the high precision processing of glass and thin film coating technology with a highly skilled life science team.
The strategic goal of SCHOTT is to establish NEXTERION® as the leading brand of microarray products for all DNA and protein microarray printing applications through a strong commitment to quality and innovation.

Since its formation, this new unit has dynamically expanded its product portfolio of microarray slides and reagents for DNA and protein microarrays. This is a result of developing new products in-house and acquiring the Quantifoil microarray business in 2003. SCHOTT now offers customers the most comprehensive product range of both coated and uncoated microarray surfaces in the world, as well as optimized kits and reagents for spotting and hybridizing microarrays. The products are marketed under the brand name NEXTERION® or supplied as OEM products.

The SCHOTT Microarray Solutions group is based in Jena, an award winning biotech cluster in Germany. There are significant benefits from the synergies gained by having international sales and marketing, R&D and state-of-the-art production facilities all on the same site. Using an interdisciplinary team of scientists, including glass technologists, physicists, biologists and chemists, and a strong commitment to innovation, SCHOTT develops new microarray products and formats.

As a long established manufacturer of technical glass, SCHOTT is able to maintain stringent control over all process steps, from initial glass production right through to the supply of the products to the end user. All NEXTERION® products are manufactured according to the most stringent industry standards, guaranteeing that customers receive the highest quality, most reproducible products.

To support SCHOTT’s ongoing commitment to the biotech market, a dedicated customer application support group was established. A team of technical experts is available to answer any technical queries and, if necessary can undertake in-house protocol development and testing.


October 2002
SCHOTT NEXTERION AG was created in Mainz, Germany, as a wholly owned subsidiary of SCHOTT AG, expanding SCHOTT's activities in the field of biotechnology.

April 2003
SCHOTT launched its first aminosilane coated microarray slide, NEXTERION® Slide A, for DNA microarrays.

August 2004
SCHOTT launched the NEXTERION® Slide MPX-16 range of slides. NEXTERION® Slide MPX enables multiple DNA and protein microarray experiments on single slide.

01 October 2004
SCHOTT opened a dedicated microarray slide production plant, in Jena, a leading German Biotech cluster.

23 October 2004
The Microarray Business Division of Quanitfoil, Jena was taken over by SCHOTT NEXTERION AG. The takeover incorporated the complete product range of the Microarrays Business Division, as well as the R&D team.

January 2005
Launch of 3-D hydrogel NEXTERION® Slide H for protein and glycan microarrays.

April 2005
SCHOTT and Operon Biotechnologies co-market a microarray kit that enabled researchers to print their own oligo arrays.

September 2005
Oxford Gene Technology (UK, Oxford) signed a partnership agreement with SCHOTT.

January 2006
Launch of NEXTERION® HiSens optically coated range of slides, and the NEXTERION® MTP 96 product range for microplate arraying.

September 2007
Launch of a range of nitrocellulose coated NEXTERION® Slide NC, developed in collaboration with Sartorius-Stedim.

April 2009
Name change from "SCHOTT JENAer GLAS GmbH" to "SCHOTT Technical Glass Solutions GmbH".

July 2009
SCHOTT launched its latest generation of aminosilane DNA microarray slide called NEXTERION® Slide AStar.

February 2010
SCHOTT extends the range of the nitrocellulose coated Slide NC products for protein microarrays.

April 2010
List of publications citing the use of NEXTERION® microarray products exceeds 450.
Exhibitions & Events
Exhibition Workshop "Microarrays: Basics, Production and Processing", ETH Zurich / University of Zurich, Switzerland, 03-21 to 03-22-2017