Accessories for NEXTERION® products

To make full use of the NEXTERION® slide products we have added a range of useful accessories.

Multi-well Incubation Chambers

The use of re-usable incubation chambers is recommended for carrying out the post-printing binding reactions.

NEXTERION® IC-16 (order code: 1262705)
NEXTERION® IC-96 (order code: 1272375)
These are a reusable multi-well incubation chambers consisting of a flexible, black silicon superstructure held within a high quality, black anodized aluminium holder . The silicone superstructure is tightly held against the glass slide surface by two aluminium plates to create a leak-proof seal around each well. The press-fit silicone superstructure eliminates the need for adhesives that are autofluorescent, and can increase background signal of the slide coating.
The NEXTERION® incubation chambers are ideal for use with multi-channel pipettes or automated liquid handling systems. The chambers are designed to be re-usable, replaceable superstructures are available to maximise the usable life.
Note: The 16-well superstructure is asymmetric, so for the correct orientation, ensure that the wider well wall side of the superstructure is fitted into the upper plate, and the thinner portion is against the glass slide surface.
The NEXTERION® IC-96 will only fit glass plates that have the dimensions 110.0 x 74.0 mm. Please note: The NEXTERION® IC-96 incubation chamber cannot be scanned in the Sensovation CLAIR® and FLAIR® colorimetric and fluorescent imaging readers.
NEXTERION Incubation Chamber
SCHOTT Nexterion 96-well incubation chamber

NEXTERION® IC-16s (order code: 1262706)
NEXTERION® IC-96s (order code: 1293526)
Replacement superstructure for both incubation chambers can be ordered separately.
Superstructure for Nexterion Incubation Chamber
Superstructure for NEXTERION® IC 16

This short video shows how easy it is to use the NEXTERION® incubation chambers.

Cleaning Protocol IC-16 and IC-16s
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