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Nexterion nitrocellulose coated plates in MTP format
Nexterion® MTP-NC96 is an innovative 96-well microplate platform for parallel analysis of multiplexed assays. The product combines all the advantages of the nitrocellulose coating with the high-throughput 96-well microplate format, making automated parallel assays a reality. MTP-NC96 conforms to the SBS standard microplate format commonly used in clinical diagnostics, high throughput screening and drug discovery. SCHOTT's innovative two-component system allows users to array all types of probes on a flat, planar surface, and then create a 96-well microplate after arraying. The coating is manufactured using an advanced nitrocellulose casting method, for a highly reproducible surface with low intrinsic background fluorescence. The Nexterion® MTP-NC96 is available either as a large single pad format plate, or a 96
Formats Immobilization methods Probes Typical applications
SBS microplate sized with a single nitrocellulose-coated pad Passive absorption through non-specific interactions
  • Cell lysates
  • Proteins
  • Peptides
  • Antibodies
  • Antigens
  • Glycoproteins
  • Glycans
  • Lectins
  • Target discovery
  • High throughput
  • Reverse phase assays
  • Sandwich arrays
  • Cytokine detection
  • Protein-DNA interactions
  • Antibody profiling
  • Protein binder arrays
  • Biomarker profiling
  • MicroSpot ELISA
  • Serological assays
  • Protein activity screening
  • Enzyme profiling
SBS microplate with 96-nitrocellulose-coated pads Passive absorption through non-specific interactions

Immobilization surface

Two types of nitrocellulose coating are available in the Nexterion® MTP-NC96 microplate format: Nexterion® NC-N for use with non-contact microarray printing systems, and Nexterion® NC-C for use with contact printers. Both types of nitrocellulose membranes are compatible with all detection methods including fluorescent, chemi-luminescent, radiographic, and colorimetric. The nitrocellulose coatings are identical to those used for the standard and multi-pad Nexterion® Slide NC-C/N products.

Product details

Instrument compatibility
For information on compatible microplate scanners and detailed instructions for printing into the Nexterion® MTP-(96)NC-C/N plates, please refer to the section on Nexterion® multi-well microplate formats. MTP-NC-C/N96 plates are compatible with automated liquid handling instrumentation and multi-channel pipettors.

Technical instructions
Further information about printing and processing the MTP-NC96 plates are available in the FAQ section of the Nexterion® web site.

Packaging and storage
Nexterion® MTP-NC96 nitrocellulose-coated glass plates are available in 5-plate packs sealed in stable plastic boxes under an inert atmosphere to avoid any deleterious changes to the nitrocellulose coating. The shelf life of the nitrocellulose-coated plates is 12-months, and the expiry date is indicated on the external packaging.

Product components

The two main components comprising the MTP-NC96 system are available as separate items.

1. High quality nitrocellulose coated glass substrate
The Nexterion® MTP-NC96 is available in two formats: one large single pad plate, or ninety-six pads.
Dimensions of Nexterion MTP-NC96
Dimensions Nexterion® MTP-NC96
Dimensions of Nexterion MTP-NC
Dimension Nexterion® MTP-NC
All dimensions in mm. Tolerances ± 0.1 mm

2. Nexterion® IC-96 incubation chamber and plate holder
The reusable 96-well incubation chamber consists of a flexible, black silicon superstructure held within a high-quality, black anodized aluminium holder .
SCHOTT Nexterion 96-well incubation chamber
The Nexterion® IC-96 will only fit glass plates that have the dimensions 110.0 x 74.0 mm.
With care, it is possible to remove the dividing well walls of the superstructure, so that the IC-96 may also be used with the single pad of the MTP-NC-C/N plates.

Ordering information

Nexterion® product Number of pads per plate size of pads/wells
Order Code Number of items per pack
Nexterion® MTP-NC-C one 105.0 x 69.0 1284343 5
Nexterion® MTP-NC-N one 105.0 x 69.0 1293518 5
Nexterion® MTP-NC-C96 96 6.0 x 6.0 1293519 5
Nexterion® MTP-NC-N96 96 6.0 x 6.0 1213975 5
Nexterion® IC-C96 Reusable incubation chamber for 96 well plate 7.7 x 7.7 1272375 1
Nexterion® IC-C96s Replacement 96-well silicone superstructure for IC-96 7.7 x 7.7 1293526 1

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