Multi-well slide format


The special 48-well architecture of NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48 allows the parallel analysis of multiple biological samples against focused subsets of probes on a single slide. The dimensions of the microarray slide are fully compatible with all microarray printers and scanners, allowing users to run multiple samples on a single slide without any additional hardware.


Key product features
• Standard slide format compatible with all standard commercial micro array printing, liquid handling and scanning equipment
• Simultaneous analysis of 48 biological samples on one slide
• Excellent reproducibility compared to conventional single-array applications

Immobilization chemistry

NEXTERION® MPX-48 slides are available with most of the NEXTERION® functional coatings (see table immobilization chemistry in the general multi-well section). This coating is identical to the respective coating on NEXTERION® Slides. Please refer to the table in the section “General information coated slides” in order to find the appropriate coating chemistry for your specific application.

Product details

High quality glass substrate
The ultra flat, glass slide is manufactured from low auto-fluorescent borosilicate glass with the dimensions 75.6 mm x 25.0 mm x 1 mm. The uniform flatness of the borosilicate glass ensures highly reproducible contact printing and scanning across the wells. The glass slides are partitioned into 48 wells by an ultra-hydrophobic patterning layer. Each well is 3.5 x 3.5 mm with 9 mm center-to-center spacing, in a 4 x 12 format (identified as A–D and1- 12). The dimensions and locations of the wells are fully compatible with standard microarray printing parameters. There is a region of unpatterned glass on the right hand side for the attachment of an optional barcode label.
Dimensions of NEXTERION Slide MPX-48
Dimensions of NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48. All dimensions are given in mm.

Hydrophobic well edges
NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48 is not supplied with a separate 48-well superstructure. Instead the highly hydrophobic well edges will retain droplets of pipetted liquid (up to 17.5 microlitres) in each well for several hours without cross contamination.
Doplets of PBS on NEXTERION Slide MPX-48
Droplets of PBS (0.05% Tween) on patterned NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48. Slide was slightly tilted back for better visualisation of droplets.
Packaging and storage
NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48 are available as 5-slide packs sealed in stable plastic boxes under an inert atmosphere. The slides are ready-to-use from the box. The exact shelf life of the slides is determined by the coating and is indicated on the external packaging.

Design and Printing Guidelines

NEXTERION® Slide MPX-48 provides sub-array wells for multiplexed hybridization experiments. Printing into multi-well microarray slides is slightly more complicated than printing into a standard slide. Due to the special slide architecture, detailed information to support your experimental microarray design is provided. Full design and printing guidelines can be downloaded below.
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