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NEXTERION® blocking reagents


Highly effective reagent for deactivating epoxy coating after printing
NEXTERION® Block E is a blocking solution optimized for NEXTERION® Slide E. It reacts rapidly with residual epoxy groups in both the printed and unprinted areas of the slide surface and was developed to ensure high signal intensities with reduced non-specific background, thus increasing overall data reproducibility. SCHOTT Microarray Solutions has demonstrated that NEXTERION® Block E is an extremely important component for producing high quality DNA microarrays with very good signal-to-background ratios. NEXTERION® Block E is available as a 4x concentration in 100 and 1000 mL packs.

order code: 100 mL 1066069, 1000 mL 1066071
concentration: 4 x


Easy-to-use reagent for deactivating aminosilane coating after printing
NEXTERION® Block A is a highly effective reagent for blocking aminosilane slide surfaces after microarray printing. It is ideal for use with both NEXTERION® Slide A+ and Slide AStar, as well as other commercial slides. The reagent is based on the well accepted BSA blocking method, and works by blocking the reactive groups on the slide surface not occupied by the spotted DNA molecules. This significantly reduces any potential non-specific binding of the labeled target, thereby minimizing the background signals on the final microarray. The reagent is supplied as a convenient, pre-made, two-part solution that does not contain any hazardous materials.

order code: Formulation will be provided on request
concentration: 1 x

NEXTERION® Oligo Pre-Hyb

A time-saving reagent combining slide blocking and washing steps
NEXTERION® Oligo Pre-Hyb is an effective reagent for blocking epoxysilane slide surfaces after microarray printing. The NEXTERION® Oligo Pre-Hyb offers the advantage combining some of the initial washing and blocking steps, thereby reducing the overall processing time. It is ideal for use with both NEXTERION® Slide E, and other commercially available Epoxide slides printed with 20 to 70 mer oligonucleotides. The reagent is supplied as a convenient, ready-to-use solution.

order code: Formulation will be provided on request


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