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Welcome to the future:

With SCHOTT adaptiQ™ ready-to-use vials you will be able to enter a new era of cutting edge manufacturing. Welcome to a future that gives you more freedom with a leaner process, improved quality and more flexibility.

Developed in cooperation with innovative and respected machine suppliers, it is the only solution on the market that allows the vials to remain nested throughout the entire fill & finish process.
More Quality
The nest design of SCHOTT adaptiQ™ works completely glass-to-glass contact free. That significantly reduces glass breakage throughout the entire manufacturing process and improves cosmetic quality.

More Flexibility & Efficiency
By using a standard syringe tub you will be able to fill multiple container on the same machine and raise your efficiency by using all your capacities.
Improved Cost of Ownership
Profit from improved total cost of ownership with less clean room space required, higher line yield and the possibility to reduce the running costs.