Cartridges made of glass

SCHOTT is a leading supplier of pen cartridges and special solutions like double chamber cartridges in the range of 1 ml up to 10 ml volume. Cartridges are available for pen injection systems, for anti-diabetes therapy such as modern and human insulin or GLP-1 formulations as well as for other biotech applications.

SCHOTT has established a global supply chain producing high quality pen cartridges under GMP conditions in compliance with the international standards USP, EP, JP. Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 SCHOTT meets the highest quality demand standards of our customers and key accounts.

The raw material used to produce our cartridges is the well-established SCHOTT Fiolax® tubing made of borosilicate type I glass of the highest hydrolytic resistance.

Our pen cartridges are produced in TopLine and ClearLine quality to meet highest quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. For all of our pen cartridge production lines, state-of-the-art in-process control (IPC) has been well established world wide, implying 100% IPC for dimensional tolerances, 100 % IPC of cosmetic defects by AIS - Automated Inspection System followed by an automated packaging process in GMP environment (class 100.000 packing room).
Pen cartridges
Recommended designs from 1 to 5 ml
ClearLine, TopLine
By-pass cartridges
Customized sizes
ClearLine, TopLine 
Customized cartridges
1 to 10 ml
ClearLine, TopLine
Dental cartridges
1.8 ml, 2.2 ml
SCHOTT Recommended Design