Prefillable Glass Syringes – syriQ® InJentle

SCHOTT syriQ® InJentle
The unique design of syriQ® InJentle does not allow any contact between the drug and the needle during shelf life.
syriQ® InJentle Prefillable Glass Syringes with Staked Needles for Enhanced Drug Stability

syriQ® InJentle is an innovative staked needle syringe. These new prefillable glass syringes have a number of features for the special benefit of highly sensitive biotech drugs. The unique design of syriQ® InJentle staked needle syringes offers improved drug stability and a gentle application. syriQ® InJentle prefillable glass syringes are ready for the filling process! Packed in standard nests and tubs for easy handling and filling, they are fully compatible with the existing filling lines. Components are available according to your requirements.
  • Tungsten-free: syriQ® InJentle is completely tungsten-free. The special geometry of the glass barrel does not require any tungsten during the glass forming process.
  • No leachables from adhesives: As the drug is not in contact with any adhesives during storage, there are no leachables.
  • No contact between drug and needle: The unique design does not allow any contact between the drug and the needle during shelf life.
  • Tamper-evident closure: A robust tamper-evident closure is integrated in the unique design of the syringe.
  • Gentle application: The staked needle does not stick into needle shield. This guarantees best needle lubrication and straight needles.
  • Thin needle: Needles up to 32G are possible
  • Easy handling: Easy to open! And the opening force is stable over storage time.
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