SCHOTT TopYield™ - Minimize the residual volume of liquid drugs

The special hydrophobic surface on the inside of a SCHOTT TopYieldTM vial is waterrepellent so that practically nothing can cling to its walls.

With conventional pharmaceutical vials, about 10-20% of the medication usually remains inside the container due to the fact that it cannot be emptied completely because of its rougher surface. SCHOTT TopYieldTM, however, allows for almost all of the medication to be administered.  This effect especially leads to cost savings in the case of expensive medications because, in the past, pharmaceutical companies have been forced to overfill these containers accordingly in order to ensure that the required dosage recommended by the doctor actually leaves the vial.

SCHOTT TopYieldTM remains completely stable with respect to its hydrophobic layer during all types of pharmaceutical procedures and therefore reduces the risk of delamination with various drug formulations.