SCHOTT Type I plus® - Pharmaceutical Vials and Pharmaceutical Glass Products

SCHOTT Type I plus® pharmaceutical vials offer security and stability - our pharmaceutical glass drastically reduces interactions between drugs and the container surface.

SCHOTT Type I plus® pharmaceutical vials are particularly suitable for products where conventional packaging of pharmaceutical Type I glass has reached its limits, such as:

•Low concentrated proteins with denaturation tendencies
•Products that are sensitive to alkalinity (Na+ release is decreased by a factor of 350)
•Formulations that react with leachables
•Preparations that cannot tolerate a shift of pH value
•Radioactive diagnostics that adsorb to the glass surface
SCHOTT Type I plus® pharmaceutical glass is characterized by the purity and inertness of a quartz-like surface (100% SiO2 coating), a thickness of 100 – 200 nm and pharmaceutical properties according to EP, USP and JP. These pharmaceutical vials with excellent barrier properties can be washed, autoclaved, sterilized, depyrogenated, filled, closed and inspected just like standard containers.