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SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc. has withdrawn from the crystalline photovoltaic business

SCHOTT is now focusing on those sectors of the energy industry where we can profitably grow our business. This has led us to focus on Concentrated Solar Power and Thin Film Solar, businesses that are core to SCHOTT’s capabilities.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in SCHOTT Solar PV over the years. We are committed to backing and honoring warranty and service commitments. For any warranty or service issues, you can continue to contact SCHOTT through the phone number and email address posted on this page.

Customer Service:
Tel: +1 (888) 457-6527
Fax: +1(914) 831-2201

We extend our gratitude and appreciation for the projects we’ve successfully contributed to that will continue to provide clean, reliable solar power generation for many years.


Data sheets
SCHOTT PERFORM POLY silver data sheet US 0212 (pdf, 634 kB) SCHOTT PERFORM POLY black data sheet US 0312 (pdf, 645 kB)


Data sheets
SCHOTT PERFORM MONO black data sheet US (pdf, 111 kB) SCHOTT PERFORM MONO silver data sheet US (pdf, 113 kB)

Further information

SCHOTT PV Modules Limited Warranties US 1111 SCHOTT POLY Limited Warranties US 0610 SCHOTT PV Inc Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment 0210 (pdf, 111 kB) Fraunhofer Institute long-term study 26 years (PDF, 2,0 MB) SCHOTT PERFORM installation manual US 0412 (pdf, 1 MB)

SCHOTT Solar PV, Inc.
Customer Service

 +1 (888) 457-6527
 +1 (914) 831-2201
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